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Architektur / Interior Design / Lighting Design

Since 1997, studioacht has redesigned the milch und bar three times, architecturally as well as interior design. In 2008, the studio is once again commissioned with the designing and overall planning of the bar at a new location in the Munich city centre adjacent to Munich´s main station and amidst the vicinity of cinemas and a lively street. The club moved to the 1st. floor of a municipal building, Sonnenstrasse 12, München. The physical body of the bar is fully varnished and comprises flame retardant wooden planes with glossy red surface. The vertical joints are 5 mm wide to underline the graphic linearity which results from the modular alignment. All walls, ceilings and flooring, which comprises of a special coating, are matt black. This solved the problem of a static construction overload with many joists in varying heights and low room height. 

The use of the red lights, a distinguishing characteristic and part of the corporate design of Suzanne Faltenbacher, since the milch und bar first came into existence, is even more emphatic by design and is also accentuated in all furniture pieces. Lighting in the main room and all fittings are finished in red. This is only supplemented in the bar area and DJ booth bay spotlights integrated into recessed cubes. All neon tubes were covered manually with a special film to bring the desired colour of intensive glowing red which bathes the faces of guests in an attractive shade throughout the night. A special feature of this club is the large window area which provides free views to the popular lively main street during the night and the busy traffic in all directions. Double glass panes have been installed vertically and horizontally. All end points of the hallway are accentuated with tinted mirrors creating interesting spatial changes and renewed suspense due to the labyrinthine configuration. The lounge area offers a sweet selection and other items displayed in a black steel cabinet.

milchundbarSonnenstrasse 12 München / Germany 

Dimensions: 320 sqm

Publication: Book, Club+bar Design, designzens, George Lam

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