The Munich based Studioacht was established in 2000 by architect and artist Suzanne Faltenbacher. The cross-disciplinary design studio has quickly gained a reputation for minimal but sophisticated design works in a wide array of completed projects including architecture, scenography, interior and furniture design, graphic art including corporate design and installation art. In 2003 Suzanne Faltenbacher took over the artistic direction of nachtstudio, a new lifestyle brand founded by Daniel Kronwinkler. The opening of the nachtstudio Concept Store in October 2003, by invitation of the Hypo Vereinsbank München allowed Suzanne Faltenbacher and partner Daniel Kronwinkler to communicate directly their aesthetic sense and common passion for simply beauty to the public. 


Suzanne Faltenbacher / suzanne@studioacht.de

Daniel Kronwinkler / kontakt@nachtstudio.com


2019 House N04, Penthouse K07 Italy, Yacht Olivia, Appartment Soli, House O, Office PH, Privat House A.S. Italy Toscana, Privat House Italy, Fam. S Italy Toscana, Palazzo BD, Venice, Boarding Appartments Fam. Al F., Abu Dhabi, Yacht K, Dubai Marina, Nachtstudio Store Pranner 1, Nachtstudio Showroom Brienner 2, Nachtstudio Flagship Store, Salvator 5, Mirabelle City Fünf Höfe, Mirabelle OEZ Munich, Sudhaus Club Sonthofen Germany, Segafredo Bar PEP Munich, Kempinski Hotel / 4 Jahreszeiten München Entwurf Restaurant, Mövenpick Hotels Konzeption Restaurant Frankfurt, Milch und Bar 5 Art Work, Milch und Bar 4 Sonnen Munich, Milch und Bar 3 Optimol Munich, Milch und Bar 2, Kunstpark Ost Munich, Milch und Bar 1, Kunst Park Ost Munich, Stars Club Performance, Stage Design Landestheater Linz, Stage Design Elysium New York, Guesthouse Martin K, Freibad Café, Atlas Café, Bar, Restaurant, The Garden Club, Raum 8 Club, Café Blue Munich, House J.F., Appartments J.F., Th 20 Allianz Offices, Office Frankfurter Ring Allianz AG, Office Building Stiegler Strasse München, Allianz AG vertreten durch Allianz Immobilien GmbH, House O. Munich, Individual furnitures for private Clients, Art Installations for Companies and private Clients, Loft D, House Sonja Sch., Train Station S-Bahn Munich Project is not realised, Noise Screens, DB - Deutsche Bahn, Corporate Design: Logo Milch(und)Bar, CD Covers milch und bar (2), Café Mirabelle, Café Freibad, Café  Restaurant Atlas, Café Blue, Club Raum 8, nachtstudio, Art Installations: S-Bahn Station Karlsfeld Munich, Office Building Allianz AG Munich, Installation Art for BMW Open, Installation Art - Sport Scheck München, Office Munich - Allianz AG vertreten durch Allianz Immobilien GmbH, nachtstudio Stores and Showrooms....