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Architektur / Szenografie / Interior Design

A circular bench and small high-grade steel tables invite the visitor to relax in the lounge area. The walls and ceiling, bar and shelves are painted white and appear to visually melt together. Silver metal wall lights can be dimmed, turning the room`s atmosphere from cool to warm and desired.

The hall shift to smoky charcoal-colorad walls, ceilings and floor. The room`s furnishing elements create a contrast and their unified white colors emphasize their transformation into scluptural bodies designed with rounded off edges. On the dance floor the colors change again through the use of orange lights.

The real wall has a circular depression, 3,6 meters in diameter, with a surface that subtly curves to the inside. The art installation with different planets, with their surfaces changed through computer animation, spin around their own axes. The concave wall design emphasizes the three diminesional perception of the animation of the different planets and seduces into a world of imagination.

Club, Live Performance, Lounge

Dimension: 390 m

Publication: 100 of the world best bars / see also Press

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