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Architektur / Interior / Lighting Design

The Munich nightclub Raum 8 is located in a former industrial area and, more specifically, in the former Pfanni factory where instant dumplings and mashed potatoes were once produced. 

Each 3 mm thick disc - its lower surface is painted grey, like walls and floors and has a diameter of 1500 mm. The visual stimulus of the neon colored paint work of the aluminium upper surface is reinforced by the glow of overhead lamps. The lamps, as well as the rest of the interior, were created by studioacht. They emphasised the art studio like character of the space by leaving the 5.6 m high ceiling and the large atelier windows exactly as they found them. Integrated into the formed by hand sculptural shape of the bar is an elevated cubicle for the DJ. The neon pink inner surface of the bar, along with a continous ribbon of light, accentuate the sculptured effect. A long mirror on the wall reflects the space and is individual designed with bevelled edges.

Dimension: 160 m²

Publications: Frame, Licht und Architektur, "Lichtscheiben", AIT


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