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Architektur / Szenografie / Lighting

Situated in the centre of Munich, club Garden is a live-music and DJ club. From the outside, a small signage with the name of the club shines in brilliant green light behind a structure of polished steel attracting passers-by with a sense of mystery.

The reception and cloakroam area is seperated from the main club by a tall swinging lass door. Decorative lights with porcelan shades, wall and ceiling of earthy colours project a cozy mood.

Close to the main entrance ist the first bar constructed from natural stone and nut-tree wood. A suspending upside-down and bowl-like ceiling feature forms the center piece in this area. Concealing lighting on top of the feature emits intense green glow catching the eyes of visitors upon their arrival. Opposite the bar is an indoor garden designed in Japanese style using bamboos, grasses and volcanic stones. A red curtain can be closed during live acts while the movable stage can be set up in front of the garden. From this area, the view goes to the second long bar which is composed of Spanish natural stone and covered with a nut-tree surface.


The backstage area has a bathroom, wardrobe with tall mirrors and a small private lounge for the music artists. Divans and other seats are completed with orange table lights which can be dimmed to give an intimate ambience.       

Location: Munich, Germany

Space:    320 sqm

Books:    Night Out /100 of the world best bars / A pocketful of bars

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