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Architektur / Interior / Installation Art / Möbel

When one enters the club through the tall glass swinging door on the ground floor, the eyes would fall immediately on the chimney at the right and a sculpturally shaped bar which winds centrally around the stairs on the stairs on the left. The organic form of the bar was able to be implemented technically because of the employed mineral material Corian. Machined parts were pulled over specifically designed templates which are then welded together on site. The vertical planes of the bar are made of walnut.

Opposite the bar is a long bench made of nut-wood. The wall above is adorned with rings made of polished steel in different sizes to form dynamic patterns.

The light chimney is eye-catching where a huge wooden panel hangs freely in front of a big wall of 4.3 m high. The rims of the panel are rounded. At the back,  above and below, the course of the chimney made of high-grade steel can be seen. This chimney ends over the ground and yellow gleams come from the shaft like a genuine fire. Cirular seats made of brown leather seamed with orange backstitches are placed sporadically in this double-volume space. In addition, a wardrobe and a kiosk connect directly to the dance floor.

On the first floor, there is a lounge with comfortable sofas covered with dark brown leather, varnished side tables and stools topped also with leather. Another smaller bar occupies the second floor. Walls and ceilings are painted in a darker brwon tone here. The cubis bar made of shiny high-grade steel and combined with tiny holes forms the backdrop along the two side walls.

During the day, a tender ray of lights falls through the wooden blinds form the tall windows facing the street while pink glow shines through these wooden louvers at night.

Location: Sonthofen

Dimension: 2.480 sq.ft

Books: Night out, Hong Kong, 100 of the world´s best bars, AUS

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